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Mortgage Approvals

Your path to homeownership begins here

A Simplified Lending Process

Let us help you finance your new purchase. If you’re considering the purchase of a new home, whether it be as a first time buyer or new purchase after a recent sale of your previous home, we are here to offer solutions. We’ll help you by:

Working out a budget

If you’ve got your home and neighbourhood in mind, consider discussing with us to help determine how much “home” you can actually afford and budget around an approximate monthly mortgage payment.

Letting our experience work for you

We’ve seen it all. We’ve worked with a variety of client circumstances and can help guide you through the process of lender qualification. Each application is unique from the previous. Tap into our knowledge and expertise to help you get access to great rates and mortgage options. We offer both traditional and alternative specialty mortgage options that can meet your unique needs.

Getting Pre-Approved

Let us lock in an approval for you to have on hand while you search or negotiate on your new purchase. Mortgage rate approvals can be guaranteed for up to four months. Home sellers will know you’re serious and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing just what you can afford.

Making an offer

Once you have found your home, your real estate agent will prepare a purchase offer on your behalf. Upon closing, you’ll have 7 days to have your home inspected by a home inspector and to finalize your financing.

Saving with a larger down payment

If it’s within your budget, consider putting more down towards a down payment. This can save you thousands in the long run.

Factoring in a few additional costs:

Closing costs, Land Transfer Tax, Home Inspection, Property Taxes and Home Insurance. Considering these costs upfront and factoring them into your budget will help you finalize the purchase process without any surprises.


A few days before your closing date, your lawyer will finalize the paper work with you and financing approval and down payment will be collected. If there are any additional closing costs, these will also be collected. The title of the home will be transferred to your name on the closing date and you can pick up the keys to your new home.

A simplified mortgage experience tailored to you. Welcome Home.